Proven Manufacturer Panduit

TX6A™ Field Term Plug

Designed for quick and easy termination in the field, the simple-to-attach TX6A™ Field Term Plug is ideal for connecting networked devices such as wireless access points, FieldTermPlug  LED lighting, IP cameras and motion sensors, building access modules and display panels.

The TX6A™ Field Term Plug is the easiest to terminate in the field today from, Panduit, a proven manufacturer. Its unique design enables quick and easy termination to cabling while at the same time being compact enough to fit in similar spaces as traditional modular plugs. Play video

Today’s enterprise cabling networks extend not only to modular jacks in wall or furniture outlets but increasingly to ceiling and wall mounted devices that attaches directly to networks by a plug interface, often terminated to cabling on site.

Video: Introducing TX6A

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