Panduit Net Contain

Panduit Net Contain data center containment solutions increase cooling efficiency by preventing the mixing of cold supply air with warm IT equipment exhaust. The solutions are available in different varieties, including cabinet vertical exhaust ducts (also known as chimneys), cold aisle containment (CAC), and hot aisle containment (HAC).


Existing data centers often encounter impediments to deploying containment solutions. These limitations include inflexibility in the types of cabinets that can be included (often only supporting the containment provider’s cabinets), inability to integrate with cabinets of different heights, restrictions on cabinet widths, etc.

New data centers can encounter various obstacles, such as the requirement to fully populate contained rows with cabinets, even if some of the cabinets will not be used on the first day of operation.

Universal Aisle Containment

To help resolve these challenges, Panduit has introduced its Net-Contain™ Universal Aisle Containment system, or UAC. The Panduit Net Contain containment solution has flexibility features that make deployment less costly and disruptive. These features include the following:

  •  Deployable as a CAC or a HAC solution.
  •  Compatible with numerous cold air delivery methods.
  •  Ability to contain rows of cabinets of different heights, widths, and manufacturers.
  •  Ability to contain unpopulated or partially populated rows.

The UAC flexibility advantages would be of little consequence without also providing superior thermal performance. The Panduit Corporate Research & Development team conducted thermal tests in Panduit’s Data Center Thermal Lab to validate the advanced performance of the UAC system. Read Full Pdf


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