MultiFiber Termination

Reduced Time

Before the MultiFiber Termination Push-on connector (MTP), it typically took two installers a full day to terminate-and-test 144 fibers. With MultiFiber Termination connectors, suddenly installers had the ability to rapidly connect eight to 12 fibers at a time with the snap of a tool, or using a pre-terminated plug-and-play cable, trimming a day long job to just a few hours. Learn about MTP or Multi-fiber Termination Push-on.

Factory Terminated

To ensure seamless connections, the MTP connector was the first MPO connector to be factory-verified and pre-engineered to proper lengths for the cable plant. This meant that less skill was required for installation, while future updates, additions, and changes to the structured cabling were dramatically simplified. Revolutionary at the time, these advancements introduced by the MTP connector eventually became the industry standard. Installing MTP Connector by Corning. 

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