Cisco Spark John Legend

Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark is an app-centric, cloud-based service that provides a complete collaboration suite for teams to create, meet, message, call, care, white board, and share, regardless of whether they’re together or apart—in one continuous work-stream before, during, and after meetings. It is built to help teams work seamlessly. It is simple, secure, complete, and open, and provides a space for people to work better.

The core capabilities of Cisco Spark are Meetings, Messaging, and Calling. The Cisco Spark platform, app-centric design, hybrid services, and architecture of Cisco Spark create a unique and differentiated service influencing what we call the Cisco Spark John Legend. See video below


Digitization is transforming the tools we use (the workplace) and the way we work together (work-streams) with organizational processes and with business process applications and tools. Cisco is leading the collaboration market through this market transition and bringing uncompromised collaboration to every room, desk, pocket, and application. Cisco built the Cisco Spark platform to re-imagine team collaboration.


Cisco Spark enables the digitization of the workplace by:

● Bringing together physical and virtual teams.

● Enabling teams to conduct their work activities regardless of location or device.

Cisco Spark is a cloud-based, app-centric service that is simple, secure, complete, and open

1. It’s simple: Cisco Spark is delivered entirely from the Cisco® Collaboration Cloud, and each activity has been designed to help ensure that the user’s and administrator’s experience is simple and intuitive. This makes the service easy to use and easy to manage. The service is provided on a simple subscription basis, allowing services to be added on demand.

2. It’s secure: Security is integral to Cisco Spark. Cisco has used the extensive experience gained from securing the world’s largest networks to build the service, combining this knowledge with the hardware and software elements of our market-leading enterprise communications and cloud services. This helps ensure the security and reliability of the service.

3. It’s complete: With Cisco Spark, you get all the market-leading Cisco collaboration services wrapped up in a complete offer, providing users a great experience regardless of location or device and enabling them to create, meet, message, call, white board, and share, whether they’re together or apart. Also, because Cisco hosts the service in the Cisco Collaboration Cloud, the services are always up to date with the latest market-leading Cisco applications and services.

4. It’s open: Cisco Spark APIs and integrations are key to helping you digitize your business. The self-enabled integrations and bots and easy-to-use APIs can be customized to your existing processes and work-streams. Cisco Spark Data Sheet


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